FUKUDA Products

We are Europa-Distributor for FUKUDA Co., Ltd., Japan.


Air Leak Tester

FLZ-220 series


■ Latest model of compact range

■ Operation pressure range -90 … 990 KPa

■ 44 % smaller and 20 % lighter, 6 kgW160 x D200 x H140 mm

■ Easy touch panel operation icons

■ High-performance testing with a rangeof correction functions

■ Linear fitting measurement method

■ Auto-Calibration function

■ A single unit can handle positive andnegative pressures.

■ External input/ output connector: uses a push-in style connector

■ Barcode Reader

■ Application in medical technology, electricial/electronic/communications industry, food instustry,               automotive and building systems/building service



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