Quality Policy

We define the Quality Policy of ADZ NAGANO GmbH within the scope of entrepreneurial due diligence regarding quality management as well as the fulfilment of customer expectations.

It is characterized by the following basic principles of quality:

  • To ensure customer satisfaction
  • Managerial tasks are focused on avoiding errors.
  • To ensure continuous growth and innovation rates
  • To develop quality awareness in staff
  • Qualification of staff
  • Permanent analysis and monitoring of products and methods
  • Continuous enhancement of processes and routines
  • Coordination and evaluation of quality-control measures
  • Inclusion of stakeholders in the QM system

Our actions are always directed at planning, controlling, monitoring and improving all activities that may affect product quality, and are also focused on fulfilling all contractually agreed requirements.


Entrepreneurial Responsibility

The entrepreneurial responsibility of ADZ NAGANO GmbH expresses itself in sustainable thinking and acting and in assuming social responsibility. It creates trust to our customers, suppliers, staff and the public.

With a view to corruption and bribery, ADZ pursues a zero-tolerance policy. Thanks to national laws and international conventions, corruption is prohibited almost worldwide.

ADZ expects its interested parties to take care that its staff are neither promised nor granted any gratuities with the aim to obtain advantage in personal or business respect. Reversely, under no circumstances shall the interested parties demand, offer, grant or otherwise undertake to employ bribes, payments of such or other illegal nature, hire closely related persons, offer or receive incentives, gifts, any form of entertainment, favors or other benefits or courtesy of value for furthering business opportunities with ADZ NAGANO GmbH.

As an employer, ADZ advocates a business environment that is characterized by fairness, respect and equal opportunities.

Our appreciation of all our employees is equal – regardless of race, ethnic origin, gender, religion, philosophy, disability, age or sexual orientation.

The contractual foundations are also based on equal opportunity for members of staff. This applies to all aspects of job relationship, especially of employment, recruitment, work conditions, work time, professional measures of further training, further development in their career as well as remuneration.

Members of staff who feel disadvantaged may trustfully turn to their respective superiors or the personnel department.

ADZ obliges itself to pursue sustainable protection of the environment.

This includes resource-saving handling of production and logistics capacities as well as the avoidance of wasting resources (such as energy, paper or other source materials).