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term / keyword description
absolute pressure Using the absolute pressure measuring the measured pressure is referenced to a fixed potential - the vacuum.
burst pressure The burst pressure defines the pressure when a permanent deformation / damage of the sensing element is most likely to happen. A plastic deformation of the membrane is expected.
The membrane itself is not always case to disruption or causing leakage, but the actual value might be out of range or accuracy.
pressure [phys.] Pressure is a fixed physical unit. It is defined as the ratio of a force which acts perpendicular onto an area and the areas dimension.
The SI-unit of pressure is Pascal = 1 Pa = 1N /m². A derived unit which is widely used is bar = 0,1MPa.
FMEA "failure mode and effect analysis" is a handy tool and method to evaluate possibile failures and their effects in products in an early stage of the develeopment
IP CLASS IP CLASSES are defined in DIN EN 60529.
It categorizes electronic products into their useability for the usage in certain ambients.
Illustration of IP classes
measuring range The measuring range defines the pressure range in which the output signal is typicaly proportional to the input pressure. Below and above this defined range the output signal will not be within the output characteristics. The signal can be clamped or set into failure modes with certain ASICs.
relative pressure The most common way to measue pressure is the relative pressure measurement. Hence the over pressure in a pressure system is measured.
over pressure Over pressure defines the maximum pressure where there is no permanent damage to the sensing element.