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GL German Lloyd

The market for marine applications has seen sound development in recent years, so that ADZ NAGANO GmbH has received more and more inquiries for products with the respectively required admission to the shipbuilding sector. For our SML product series, we have had a two-conductor power output tested regarding the German Lloyd requirements and its performance approved by GL. The admission is valid for signal type 16.0. This means that a 4-20mA power loop with a special protective circuit was tested regarding the requirements. Apart from the obligatory salt spray test acc. to DIN EN ISO 9227, the testing also comprises the IP protection rating test acc. to EN60529-9, testing acc. to EN60068-2-30 for damp heat, EN60068-2-6 for specific vibration requirements of GL as well as extensive electrical testing, such as acc. to CISPR 16 for conducted and radiated disturbances, resistance to interference by fast transients acc. to IEC61000-4-4 or even testing in high-frequency magnetic fields up to a field strength between 10V/m and 2GHz. ADZ can now release and market its products of the SML and SMH series, which meet the requirements of their technical equipment, accordingly marked “GL”. Pressure ranges of up to 2,000bar can now be manufactured with approval. Threaded connection options range widely, from M10 up to G1”. Likewise, almost the full selection of plugs and cabling options is available for electrical connection.


Miniaturized combined Pressure and Temperature transducer

As as design study and feasibility study the ADZ team used existing technology and know-how as well as Ressources to combine all of this together to achieve one goal. The goal was to miniaturize the SME series even more, reduce size and weight and even include an external temperature tip.
The result is a miniaturized Pressure and Temperature transducer - which fits somewhere between SME and TPSE.

For the pressure measurement existing and approved stainless steel sense element is used with a piezo-resistive Wheatstone-bridge. The pressure port is defined as a M8x1 and the sensor may be used up to 20bar only. The useable output singal is a voltage output of 0.5 to 4.5V either ratiometric with a 5V supply or non ratiometric on a 12V supply.
The temperature measurement is done with a PT1000 external tip and thus can measure the temperature directly in the media under pressure.
The total length of the transducer is about 45mm including the temperature tip. The housing diameter is 14mm. The weight of the transducer is about 25grams. The electrical connection is done with cable only.

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Intrinsically Safe Electronic Pressure Switch with current or voltage output

The pressure switch consists of a detaches measuring cell, which can be installed within an area exposed to explosion hazards, and evaluation electronics. The evaluation electronics, which is to be mounted outside the range of hazard.

  • Measuring ranges 0…5 mbar up to 0…2.000 bar
  • Measuring range adjustable up to 4:1
  • Switch signal 2x pnp
  • Ex-approved II 1G Ex ia IIC T4 (cell)
  • Cryogenic engineering and air conditioning
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Pneumatics et al.



Intrinsically Safe Level Sensor

The explosion-proof filling or point level sensor has excellent properties, is hermetically tight and very robust in its stainless steel housing. The probe is of long-term stability and simple to operate.

  • Measuring ranges from 1mWC up to 250 mWC
  • Ex-approved for zone 0 – II 1G Ex ia IIB T4
  • Ex-approved for zone 1 – II 2G Ex ia IIC T4
  • Filling level measurement in tanks, vessels, water systems
  • Application in environments that require ATEX-approved devices



Intrinsically Safe Pressure Transmitter for Industrial Use

The SMX2 can be configured in both zone 0 and zone 1 and meets the requirements of Directive 94/9/EC. Its widely ranging industrial applications are guaranteed by its high precision and robust and compact design.

  • Measuring ranges 0…10 mbar up to 0…2.000 bar
  • Ex-approved for zone 0 – II 1G Ex ia IIB T4 oder II 1G Ex ia IIC T4
  • Ex-approved for zone 1 – II 2G Ex ia IIC T4
  • Chemical industry
  • Oil and gas industry et al.