Multifunctional, nano-electronic warning system for environmental data in a mechanical watch (MoNaUhr)

The aim of this project is the development and testing of a mobile energy self-sufficient microsystem,

  • which can perform three functions simultaneously with a new layer sequence of quantum dots:
  1. Display of measured values ​​and output of optical warning messages (display function),
  2. Conversion of solar energy into electrical energy (energy harvesting),
  3. Evaluation of the absorbed UV spectrum (recording of measured values),
  • which efficiently converts and stores the power of the human hand into electrical energy with a new type of precision mechanical-electronic converter, so that sufficient energy can be provided at any time and in a short time to operate the entire system,
  • which can measure and process other physical quantities (e.g. pressure) with the help of a suitable micro-electro-mechanical measuring system.

ADZ NAGANO will process the following subtasks for the work objectives of the joint project:

  • Development of the system electronics, the pressure sensors and the energy management
  • Energy conversion platform and the technological implementation of an adapted electro-mechanical system to provide and store energy to operate the entire electrical system
  • Development of an energy management system, the central elements of which consist of electronics and an energy store
  • Create a concept for an evaluation circuit and verify it with accompanying simulations, the main focus will be on an energy-efficient design
  • Development and implementation of suitable algorithms that allow the applied pressure value to be calculated and made perceptible with minimal power consumption


Funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.