Extremely powerful


Pressure, temperature and force sensors for all industries


Many thousands of our pressure transmitters have been working safely around the world for decades in braking systems and systems for train and door control, level and climate control in rail transport technology. 
Our employees are very familiar with railway-specific standards and industry-specific requirements for EMC and vibration resistance (e.g. DIN EN 50155, 50121, 61373). 
In addition, ADZ NAGANO is also certified according to DIN IATF 16949.

Vehicle technology

The world of vehicle technology is diverse, constantly changing and the operating conditions are complex. 
Since 2003, our products have proven themselves in on-/off-road trucks, in construction, forestry and agricultural machines. 
Environmental influences, little space and high requirements for overvoltage protection and EMC safety (e.g. according to ISO 7637, 11452, 16750 and ECE R10) are mastered as well as the challenges of the future technology hydrogen. 
ADZ NAGANO is certified according to DIN IATF 16949 and our team is familiar with industry-specific standards and requirements.


We have been developing, qualifying and producing sensors for aerospace applications since 2007. 
Regardless of whether it is a helicopter, training aircraft or business jet, long-haul passenger or transport aircraft. 
Our sensors work reliably in systems of the flap and chassis hydraulics as well as for fuel, water and air management. 
ADZ NAGANO is certified according to EN 9100 and our team is safe in dealing with aviation-specific regulations (e.g. RTCA DO-160, -178 and -254), development and manufacturing processes.

Medical technology

Quite often life itself or even survival is the focus. 
This moment demands the highest degree of reliability, precision and quality with regard to the fulfillment of medical technology requirements. 
Aware of this, it is our obligation to fully comply with these standards with our products. 
This includes i.a. the fulfillment of relevant hygiene and safety standards (e.g. according to DIN EN ISO 15001).


Marine applications pose particular challenges in terms of climatic conditions, saltwater corrosion and permits. 
Our sensors master this reliably and are used in tank systems and systems for engine control and fill level monitoring. 
Our employees know about marine-specific standards and approvals (e.g. according to DNV-GL).

Environmental engineering

Environmental protection and sustainability are far more than just a current trend. 
They are essential for the continued existence of prosperity and the regeneration of natural resources. 
In this sense i.a. our level probes are involved in the monitoring of water levels in natural waters and from groundwater. 
ADZ NAGANO products are also used in hydropower plants as well as in fresh and waste water pump systems.

Mechanical engineering / Automation technology

Systems in mechanical engineering and automation technology are usually unique, very complex and constantly working - usually over many years. 
The continuously produced qualities must meet the highest requirements with the lowest tolerances. 
In machine monitoring, this requires sensors with the highest level of sensitivity, precision and reliability. 
Our products are recommended for applications with these challenges and have often proven themselves.

Process technology

Wherever sensors are needed in the oil and gas industry as well as in biogas plants, ADZ NAGANO products feel at home, regardless of whether they are used to monitor pressure and / or temperature. 
Many of our sensors are available in appropriate explosion protection versions. 
Hydrogen and aggressive media can also be safely monitored using our products. 
Our team is also experienced in dealing with relevant industry standards such as DIN EN 61326.


Sometimes only a fraction of a second decides whether to win or lose. 
For the minimal advantage are often efforts to the utmost necessary - not only driving, but also in racing technology. 
This requires passion and an unrestrained will to be the best. 
With this in mind, we develop and manufacture sensors for monitoring specific motorsport technology.