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ADZ NAGANO - precision and passion for sensor technology since 1998


In October 1998 Dietmar Arndt, Wolfgang Dürfeld and Ralf Zimmermann founded ADZ Sensortechnik in Dresden. 
With the strategic entry of the Japanese sensor element manufacturer NAGANO KEIKI in 2001, the company received its current name ADZ NAGANO GmbH. In this context, the business area of EU sales was expanded to include NAGANO KEIKI products.
Another change in the corporate structure resulted from the participation of Hydrotechnik GmbH (also in 2001).
With continued growth in the scope of production and the number of employees, the company moved to its current location in Ottendorf-Okrilla (near Dresden) in 2005. 
2020, this site was extended and expanded its production area by an additional 400m².
In January 2021 Hannes Georgi and Mario Dürfeld (the sons of Dietmar Arndt, Wolfgang Dürfeld) took over the general management.
With over 100 employees, the company is now an attractive employer and valued representative of German medium-sized companies that customers around the world trust.


For successfull development and manufacturing of own products for very individual requirements of different customers from all over the world, you need a high degree of flexibility, speed, dynamism and organization.
Thanks to a flat corporate structure, cross-departmental and direct interaction, a large number of different know-how and the sense of responsibility of all those involved, we are ideally suited to these challenges.
Both the high qualification and further training of all employees, as well as the continuous monitoring and improvement of internal company processes for product development and production, are a guarantee for innovation, customer satisfaction, quality and efficiency.
Our understanding of corporate responsibility goes far beyond quality and customer satisfaction.
In accordance with our values, mutual understanding, employee welfare, social commitment and environmental protection play a key role.

Project funding in joint projects

Together with other companies and partners from science and research, ADZ NAGANO is continuously involved in so-called joint projects.
The aim of this participation is to always remain innovative.
It is important to recognize trends in the field of sensor technology and their applications, to include them in the further development of our own products and to constantly help determine the direction of new technologies.

The initiative for such projects usually comes from industry.
Once a topic has been defined and described, the right partners are sought who, through their cooperation, recognize added value for their own company and who can meaningfully present a later use of the project results.
On average, three to a maximum of six partners are involved in a joint project of this type.
In most cases, a wide variety of small and medium-sized companies from Germany as well as universities, colleges and research institutions come together on a specific topic.

There are different funding opportunities provided by the EU, the federal government or the federal states for joint projects of this type.
Once the right funding program has been found, a project application is submitted, in which the goals and special concerns of the individual partners are addressed.
The concrete content of the project, work plan, distribution of tasks and cost estimate as well as the economic prospects of success are presented.

There can be several years between the application and the approval of the funder.
If the funding is approved, the project starts, which is continuously coordinated with each other - both bilaterally and within the entire project group.
In addition, regular interim reports must be prepared for the project sponsor during the progress of the project.
Audits with the project sponsor are also possible.

After completion of the project - usually between two and four years are estimated for this purpose - the total costs are invoiced and a final report is issued by all those involved.

Current Project fundings:









Shaping the future together

The innovative strength of our employees is one of the factors for our success.
That is why employee development is important to us: We promote professional and personal training as well as internal qualifications for new areas of responsibility.
With a balance between demands and support, every working day is new, exciting, challenging and varied.

Social commitment

Since the company was founded, ADZ NAGANO has also been involved outside of company boundaries.
Up to now we support 14 Formula Student University Teams by sponsoring pressure and temperature sensors.
Schools, day-care centers and regional artists can also rely on the support of our company for their projects.

Environmental protection

Environmental protection aspects are decisive for the work and production organization as well as for the respective product development processes.
Since 2020, an in-house 55 kW photovoltaic system has been supplying environmentally friendly electricity for development, production and administration.
In all product developments, we keep an eye on the entire product lifecycle - from the choice of materials to manufacture and recycling options after the end of use.

Quality policy

Our processes and working methods comply with the standard requirements according to IATF 16949 and DIN EN 9100 based on EN ISO 9001: 2015.
The associated duties of care as well as the fulfillment of customer expectations are an obligation for us and form the requirement for our quality policy.
You can find a summary of our quality principles in the download document for the ADZ NAGANO quality policy.