TheraTrain: Development of a sensor-based gait therapy device with intelligently controlled auxiliary drive for individual learning of walking movements (FAC 0-3, size 1-2.3 m, up to 160 kg) including support through VR visualization

The aim of the project is the development of a new gait therapy device for people with restricted mobility (FAC level 0-3), which is based on a sensor-supported gait analysis and only proposes intelligent impulses or partial relief by intervening actuators when required.

ADZ NAGANO is developing a sensor concept and providing the associated sensors (e.g. pressure sensors, DMS applications) that can be used to monitor weight distribution, forces between the patient and the device, and joint angles.
The sensors will record the weight distribution over the soles of the feet and between the seat and the feet as well as the load on the device and enable a joint angle measurement.

The ADZ NAGANO designed a measuring arrangement which, by means of pressure distribution and angle of rotation measurement at suitable positions, allows the movements in the relevant joints as well as selected cutting loads between the patient and the training device to be recorded.
This detects the patient's movements, including deceleration or acceleration, so that the mechanics can regulate the level of patient support.
In order to ensure the best possible economy of the resulting device, an attempt is being made to achieve the most exact breakdown possible of the plantar sole pressure distributions using an innovative pressure distribution mat under the soles of the feet, combined with a multiplexer to be developed for this purpose, despite the small number of sensors.


The project is listed in the ZIM - Central Innovation Program for SMEs.