Innovative in-situ battery sensors and actuators (NOVABATT)

The aim of the project "Innovative cell-integrated battery actuators and sensors - NOVABATT" is the development of a power-line-capable sensor-actuator module (SAM).
This element is not only intended to record the temperature and pressure in the battery cell and the cell voltage in a highly dynamic and precise manner in-situ, but also to cool the battery cell with the help of flexible heaters and active cooling elements or, at extremely low temperatures, to improve cold start capability through heating.
The possibility of battery cell-integrated measurement, control and temperature control enables regulation that allows the current performance and safety reserves of the battery system to be exhausted.

ADZ NAGANO will process the following subtasks for the work objectives of the joint project:

  • For the development and testing of the cell-integrated battery sensors, ADZ NAGANO will connect the flexible temperature and pressure sensors developed by the project partners with suitable electronics for signal conditioning that are still to be developed. The properties of the sensors are to be metrologically characterized in order to determine suitable correction coefficients. The sensor properties of different sensor elements for pressure and temperature are to be compared and checked for their suitability for the cell-integrated sensor/actuator module (SAM).
  • Another task of the sensor electronics will be the measurement of the cell voltage. ADZ NAGANO, together with other project partners, will integrate the sensors into the sample SAMs in a construction and connection technology that is to be developed. ADZ NAGANO focuses on circuit and layout development and sensor calibration.
  • The communication of the recorded sensor data should take place with a power-line method via the connection terminals of the cells. ADZ NAGANO will develop the communication concept and the electronic circuit. Together with the other project partners, the communication electronics as well as the sensor electronics will be integrated into the sample SAMs.


Funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.