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New products

Hydrogen - energy source of the future ???
…lets go!

Hydrogen is already widely used and is increasingly establishing itself as an energy carrier ... not only for the future.
However, the production, storage and transport place increased demands on all the materials that are in contact therewith.
ADZ NAGANO has been offering sensors for pressure measurement and monitoring of hydrogen for a long time.
The recently obtained approval according to the European Directive EC79 now officially seals the suitability of our sensors for measuring hydrogen pressure with nominal pressures between vacuum and 700 bar.
This means that nothing stands in the way of direct use in fuel cells, in low-pressure systems of reactors or reformers, or in high-pressure storage tanks.
...ready to go!

Download of the data sheet

What forces say about pressures

With the introduction of force sensors in 2019, we added an important product to our sensor portfolio.
Sometimes detours are needed to reach the goal.
Force measurement can help where reproducible pressure measurement is difficult for process engineering reasons.
By means of a force transmitter, the force applied is mechanically introduced into a titanium-sensor element, whereby it is directly measurable.
Forces of up to 300 N can be measured with high precision as standard (accuracy ± 2.00% FS).
As always with ADZ NAGANO, customers can choose from numerous mechanical connections, plugs and output signals.
However, the very small design is outstanding!
It enables simple integration in lifting and weighing technology, tools and in mobile and safety-relevant systems.
Learn more about the possibilities ... just one phone call!

Download of the data sheet

Company news

Everything different in 2021 ??? ... our website already!

2020 was marked in particular by the corona pandemic and their circumstances.
It is to hope and wish that all efforts will serve to cope with the associated challenges.
With this in mind, we wish all employees and families of our customers, partner companies and suppliers especially health for the New Year.
But we also wish strength, satisfaction and happiness for success.

Our company ADZ NAGANO also felt the effects of the pandemic.
We remained optimistic and tried to make the best of the situation and, among other things, use the time to revise our website.
After 12 years of use, it was finally time for something new.
We are proud to present our new website to you at the turn of the year.

It is particularly important to us to highlight the strengths and advantages of working with our company ADZ NAGANO.
We do not focus directly on our products, but primarily on the application sectors and the unique services that each of our customers can count on.
From the extensive possibilities that sensor technology offers, we develop completely individual and 100% tailor-made solutions for every sensor requirement.
We don't compromise.
We offer tailor-made solutions - regardless of the complexity and the number of items!
We hope you enjoy using our new website and look forward to your inquiry.
... your team from ADZ NAGANO

See you!

The current pandemic conditions have a significant impact on reliable planning for presence at on-site trade fairs.
We are very sorry that we are currently unable to show any trade fair dates with ADZ NAGANO participation.
As soon as the circumstances improve, we will inform you about trade fair activities in good time.