Pressure transducers for high pressure applications

brief description

The pressure transducer series of our SMH series are designed for the special applications of highes pressures. The monolithic pressure sensing element (no welding) is used to provide highest reliability for pressure ranges >3000 bar - up to 5000 bar. Pressure spikes can be tolerated as well as up to 2times over pressure ratings. For all pressure ranges of up to 3000 bar the proven technology of electro beam welded stainless steel components is utilized to provides excelent stability and accuracy.

The combination of proven standard and customized circuit boards and mechanical interfaces provide wide flexibility. This modular system adopted from the SML series ensures the modular flexibility to provide a customer specific product. Each product can be modified and assembled to the individual requirements of the application.

The transducers of the SMH series are supplied with a cone for sealing. This is designed to fit the transducers and applications need for sufficient sealing in all pressure ranges. All standard pressure connections are available.

product characteristics

  • fully welded construction
  • high chemical / media compatibility by the use of stainless steel
  • high rate of pressure cycle widthstand
  • low hysteresis error (<0.2%F.S.)
  • best available over pressure performance

technical data

pressure range:
1.000 to 5.000 bar / 14.500 to 72.500 PSI
max over pressure: 1.2 times nominal pressure 
min burst pressure: 1.5 times nominal pressure
output signals: 4-20 mA, 0-10 V, 1-5 VDC0.5-4.5 V ratiometric
CANopen (SMC), J1939
response time [10-90%]:
≤1 ms
accuracy: 1.0% F.S.
working temperature range (media): -40 ... 125°C / -40 ... 257°F
working temperature range (ambient): -40 ... 105°C / -40 ... 221°F
material of parts in contact with media:
stainless steel 1.4301 / 1.4305 / 1.4542, titan
material of housing: stainless steel 1.4301
shock resistance (according IEC 68-2-32): 1000g
IP class (according IEC 60529): up to IP6K9K (depending on electrical connection & mating)
weight: 120 - 150 g
minimum pressure cycles: 1*106
( for all parameters the specific datasheet applies )
( for detailed information on technical data see the specific datasheet )